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What’s our Blog About?

welcome to the world of catalyst allstars!

Step into the vibrant world of cheerleading with Catalyst Allstars CIC! We're your go-to source for all things cheer in Newcastle upon Tyne. Join us as we share the excitement, dedication, and triumphs of our talented athletes. From training tips to behind-the-scenes stories, our blog is your backstage pass to the thrilling world of cheerleading.

Our Team

Our blog features a diverse range of voices, including insights from our directors, seasoned guidance from our experienced coaches, and fresh perspectives from our talented Young Leaders. Get ready to gain valuable insights into the world of cheerleading, from different angles and experiences. We believe in fostering a collaborative environment where everyone has a chance to share their knowledge and passion.

stay tuned

We appreciate your engagement and welcome your thoughts and ideas in the comments section. Let's keep the conversation going as we explore, learn, and grow together. Until our next post:

Activate. React. Prevail.

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